Legal Issues

How to Make COVID-19 Contact Tracing Apps work: Insights From Behavioral Economics
by Alessandro Romano in collaboration with Yale University and London School of Economics
The scale of COVID‐19 graphs affects understanding, attitudes, and policy preferences
by Alessandro Romano in collaboration with Yale University, London School of Economics and University City Dublin
Comparative Covid Law
by Arianna Vedaschi
Effect of the Pandemic on Democracy
by Pietro Sirena, Oreste Pollicino, Francesco Paolo Patti, Marco Bassini, Giovanni De Gregorio
Global Response to COVID-19: a comparative law and economics study
by Oreste Pollicino and other Universities
Public Health Emergency in Comparative Law: The Case of Covid-19
by Arianna Vedaschi and Lorenzo Cuocolo
The future of food safety and sustainability in globally integrated markets
by Leonardo Borlini in collaboration with Erasmus University of Rotterdam
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Epilocal: a real-time tool for local epidemic monitoring
by Marco Bonetti, in collaboration with Ugofilippo Basellini (Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research (MPIDR), Rostock, Germany and Institut national d’ études démographiques (INED), Aubervilliers, France)