REPEAT: REpresentations, PErceptions and ATtitudes on the COVID-19

by Vincenzo Galasso, Paola Profeta and Carlotta Varriale in collaboration with EIU, Harvard Business SchoolUniversity Toulouse and Sciences Po

The general proposal aims at investigating the representations, attitudes and reactions of public opinion in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic through a variety of countries differently exposed to the coronavirus. Objectives identified by REPEAT are:

  1. Measuring the perceptions and (social) representations of different groups of people during the COVID-19 crisis, based on representative samples.
  2. Explaining the reasons why people are more likely to accept public recommendation under certain circumstances (to be investigated through online survey scenarios and experiments)
  3. Addressing causal mechanisms by which people perceive the saliency of the virus dissemination differently and react accordingly to public authorities’ discourses or those of public opinion leaders in their community.
  4. Study the impact of the lockdown measures on the labor market and the associated labor market policies