The Relationship Between Trust and Institutions in the United States
by Arnstein Aassve, Chen Peng, Nicolò Cavalli and Letizia Mencarini
The Strength of Family Ties and Aging-Sensitive Epidemics
by Balbo Nicoletta, Billari Francesco and Melegaro Alessia
The Gendered Effects of Covid
by Alessandra Casarico
How Much Are Individual Choices Worth
by Paolo Pin and other Universities
Twitter Health Metrics Grant Project
by Dirk Hovy and other Universities
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How to Make COVID-19 Contact Tracing Apps work: Insights From Behavioral Economics
by Alessandro Romano in collaboration with Yale University and London School of Economics
E-ellow Submarine Initiative - Analysis of the determinants of COVID-19 diffusion in a global perspective
by Elio Borgonovi, Alessia Melegaro, Aleksandra Torbica, Oriana Ciani, Valentina Bosetti and Benedetta Pongiglione in collaboration with POLIS Lombardia, Politecnico di Milano and University of Florida