Economics, Finance and Firms

Covid: not a great equaliser
by Vincenzo Galasso
Job Search During the Covid-19 Crisis
by Thomas Le Barbanchon and other Universities
When the Markets Get COVID: COntagion, Viruses, and Information Diffusion
by Mariano Massimiliano Croce, Paolo Farroni and Isabella Wolfskeil
Family Ownership During the Covid-19 Pandemic
by Mario Daniele Amore, Fabio Quarato, Valerio Pelucco
Mortality Threats and Technology Effects on Tourism
by Anastasia Nanni and other Universities
Which Jobs Are Done from Home? Evidence from the American time use survey
by Thomas Le Barbanchon and other Universities
Restarting the Economy While Saving Lives Under COVID-19
by Carlo A. Favero and other Universities
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Redesign Municipal Services to Create City Value in the Aftermath of Covid-19
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The Effects of Covid on Women: work, housework and financial decisions
by Paola Profeta and other Universities