Economics, Finance and Firms

Behavioural and Social Responses Towards Pandemics Control: new positive and normative approaches to emerging diseases
by Jérôme Adda in collaboration with CNRS-Centre d'Economie de la Sorbonne and Université Aix-Marseille
The Labor Market, Income Losses and Household Production during COVID-19 Pandemic in Turkey
by Selin Köksal in collaboration with Bahçeşehir University & Istanbul Technical University
Restarting the Economy While Saving Lives Under COVID-19
by Carlo A. Favero in collaboration with European University Institute, University of Minnesota and the Department of Cardio Toracic Vascular Science and Public Health at the University of Padua
The new hazardous jobs and worker reallocation
by Tito Boeri in collaboration with Bank of Italy and OECD
Job Search During the Covid-19 Crisis
by Thomas Le Barbanchon in collaboration with Uppsala University and University of Warwick
Which Jobs Are Done from Home? Evidence from the American time use survey
by Thomas Le Barbanchon in collaboration with Uppsala University and University of Warwick
The COVID-19 Impact on the Performing Arts sector
by Alex Turrini, Andrea Rurale and Matteo Azzolini
Fighting educational inequality during the COVID-19 pandemic: an exploratory study
by Alex Turrini in collaboration with SKEMA Business School and University of Edinburgh Business School
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The Other Side of the Equation: Measuring the COVID-19 Health Care Costs in Lombardy and evaluating future vaccination strategies
by Alessia Melegaro, Aleksandra Torbica, Yuxi Wang, Raffaella Piccarreta, Oriana Ciani and Simone Ghislandi, in collaboration with Humanitas, Regione Lombardia, and Stefano Merler (Fondazione Bruno Kessler Trento)
Did Covid-19 Hit Harder in Peripheral Areas? The Case of Italian
By Tito Boeri, Francesco Armillei, Francesco Filippucci and Thomas Fletcher, in collaboration with Paris School of Economics and University of Edinburgh