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Fertility is likely to decline in the wake of the Covid19 pandemic
A new study from Bocconi University leverages historical social, economic and demographic evidence from natural events and pandemics, as well as the latest techniques in demographic science, to draw the conclusion that postCovid fertility will plausibly decline because of economic uncertainty and increased childcare burdens read
How the Lockdown Changed Political Attitudes in the EU
Francesco Passarelli and colleagues are studying the longlasting effects of the pandemic read
Working from Home Is for the Most Skilled
A study by Thomas Le Barbanchon found that information, financial activities, and professional and business services, along with agriculture, are the industries with the most hours worked at home read
Family Firms Confirmed to Be More Resilient
During the pandemic, family business shares had a performance eight percentage points higher, according to a study by Amore, Quarato and Pelucco read
COVID: The Multifaceted Truth in the Case of Lombardy
A strand of research by Alessia Melegaro aims to reconstruct the early stages of the epidemic and the reasons why it hit the Region so hard read
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