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We'd Better Listen to Cassandra Also in Times of COVID
Six EU countries banned short selling on their stock exchanges in the wake of the Covid outbreak in order to avoid a downward feedback loop. They had it wrong, according to Marco Ventoruzzo read
Warning: Epidemics Are Often Followed by Unrest
From the black death to the spanish flu, history teaches that social tension accumulated over an epidemic can lead to significant episodes of rebellion, according to a study by Massimo Morelli and Roberto Censolo read
Covid19: One Year to Redefine Policy Priorities
Work has begun for the Commission set up by the WHO regional office for Europe chaired by Mario Monti, President of Bocconi. Aleksandra Torbica, Director of CERGAS, is special Advisor. read
The Importance of a Strong National Health Service
Eduardo Missoni and a team of Alumni studied how health systems dealt with the Covid emergency read
The Young Perceive Higher COVID Risk than the Old. And Are More Cautious
A survey of over 1,500 Americans conducted by scholars from Bocconi, Harvard and Oxford shows that young people assess Covid mortality for their age group 10 times higher than it is; old people 10 times lower. And their behavior is consistent with such beliefs read
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