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The Science of Altruism: Why We Should Give Vaccines to Developing Countries
When herd immunity is reached, it is in rich countries' selfinterest to donate vaccines to countries that have a proportion of susceptible people still above the critical level. This strategy is particularly effective when recipent countries are close to immunity and vaccination can avert the economic losses inherent in closing borders read
Alessia Melegaro Joins the Scientific Technical Committee
Alessia Melegaro has been named one of the 12 members of the new Scientific Technical Committee (CTS, from the Italian Comitato Tecnico Scientifico). The new CTS includes representatives of statistical, mathematical and epidemiological disciplines. read
The Importance of Being Optimistic in Times of Crisis
A  study on 1,642 British firms highlights that optimistic entrepreneurs implemented more innovation and more organizational change than the rest during the Covid spring lockdown read
Commuting Flows, Not the Transport Mode, Help COVID Spread
Two Bocconi Studies indicate that there would have been 2,300 fewer deaths between march and april 2020 if commuter flows in Italian cities were 10% lower. At flow parity, public and private transport are equally dangerous read
Luxury: Seven Steps to Rise Again
Gabrielle Lojacono describes the strategic challenges companies are called to face read
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