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The Loneliness of the Long Term Care Managers
The impact of Covid on nursing homes has been strong all across Europe, according to the studies of the CERGAS long term care observatory, coordinated by Elisabetta Notarnicola. read
Resilience in Global Value Chains after COVID19: A Look at Medical Supplies
Research by Torben Pedersen shows that face masks and gloves will continue to be produced in low cost countries, more complex products such as vaccines and ventilators may face changes read
When Resilience Runs in the Family
Research by Amore, Quarato, and Pelucco shows that companies with family members as controlling shareholders better faced the first pandemic wave read
Emotions Power Public Administration
Research by Turrini, Cristofoli, and Valotti finds a shared feature in the realization of Covid hospitals in Milan, New York, and Wuhan read
Alessia Melegaro's Plan to Better Understand Vaccination Motives
The ERC Grant winning project by the Covid Crisis Lab Director is meant to enhance current epidemiological models by incorporating the dynamics of human behavior, and in particular vaccination decisions read
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