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The Virus Can Be Conquered Through Contamination. Of Knowledge
Alessia Melegaro, demographer and director of the Covid Crisis Lab, is convinced of this. A contamination and a network that must be built in peacetime because it is difficult to improvise during an emergency. This is why the new Lab is first and foremost a model, because today we have a word that has brought us together, which is Covid, but tomorrow there could be others. read
A Research Lab to Reduce the Uncertainty Brought by the Pandemic
To address the Covid19 crisis which is global in scope for its health, economic and social impact, researchers need to study the problem and design responses in an equally global and multidisciplinary way. For this reason, Bocconi has established the Covid Crisis Lab, a research hub that fosters dialogue among academics from different fields and sets of skills. read
How a Mortality Threat and Technology Conspire to Make a Museum's Virtual Tour Effective
An experiment by Anastasia Nanni and Aulona Ulqinaku shows that interactive virtual tours can improve people's attitudes towards cultural institutions in times of Covid read
How to Return to Work Balancing Public Health and Economic Needs
Carlo Favero adapted a standard epidemiological model to the Italian Covid outbreak and extended it in order to consider the economic effect of the pandemic, along with Andrea Ichino and Aldo Rustichini read
Populist Governments Lagged Behind in the Fight on COVID
In a study on 94 countries, Kerim Kavakli shows that populist distrust in expert advice may have caused delays in the implementation of health measures, closures and mobility restrictions. The effect is stronger in rich countries read
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