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Populist Governments Lagged Behind in the Fight on COVID
In a study on 94 countries, Kerim Kavakli shows that populist distrust in expert advice may have caused delays in the implementation of health measures, closures and mobility restrictions. The effect is stronger in rich countries read
Covid19: Bocconi Research on the Economic, Social, Legal, and Health Care Impacts
The latest issue of ViaSarfatti25 magazine, Bocconi's monthly, is now online. It is entirely devoted to studies done by the University's Covid Crisis Lab. The fledgling research hub investigates the impact of the virus through the works of 50 professors. read
Upcoming Events
02/07/2020 5:00 PM WEBINAR | “Trends in COVID-related behaviors in northern Malawi: initial results from a panel survey” Stéphane Helleringer, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health read
Nasi and Borlini Receive a Grant from the American Embassy
for a research program on the redesign of municipal services after Covid read
Restarting the Economy While Saving Lives: Italy Under COVID-19
ONLINE TALK. The main question all countries are facing throughout the world is how to restart their economies while saving lives during the pandemic. Researchers Carlo A. Favero, Andrea Ichino and Aldo Rustichini examine these challenges with data from two Italian regions hit hard by COVID-19: Lombardy and Veneto. read
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