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Understanding the Consequences of the COVID19 Lockdown for Older People
A large scale survey of elderly folks will explore the real effects of the lockdown in order to prepare for similar events in the future read
Real Men Dare Also in Times of COVID. And Put Themselves in Danger
Men's attitudes and behavior may have contributed to their higher vulnerability and mortality. A survey in 8 OECD countries shows that they are less likely than women to consider the Coronavirus a serious problem, less likely to agree with public policies and more likely to disregard them read
A Tool to Evaluate Public Perception of Countries' Response to the Pandemic
Alessia Melegaro and Francesco Billari collaborated in the international project “COVID-SCORE” to help identify weaknesses in governments' responses to Covid19. The first results show that Italians have positively evaluated the international cooperation of the government and the information provided on the spread of the virus read
We'd Better Listen to Cassandra Also in Times of COVID
Six EU countries banned short selling on their stock exchanges in the wake of the Covid outbreak in order to avoid a downward feedback loop. They had it wrong, according to Marco Ventoruzzo read
Warning: Epidemics Are Often Followed by Unrest
From the black death to the spanish flu, history teaches that social tension accumulated over an epidemic can lead to significant episodes of rebellion, according to a study by Massimo Morelli and Roberto Censolo read
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