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How to Strike the Right Balance Between Health and the Economy
Julien Sauvagnat and Basile Grassi are investigating the effect of business closures on GDP, firms' market value and Covid lethality read
A Bocconi and Harvard Program Improved Middle School Students Performance and Wellbeing in Lockdown
Eliana La Ferrara and Michela Carlana also raised disadvantaged pupils' aspirations, wellbeing and socioemotional skills through an online tutoring program that could be replicated on a larger scale read
Measuring European Attitudes on Complying With Health Policies
Bocconi, with CERGAS and Covid Crisis Lab, is part of a project launched by the Hamburg Center for Health Economics read
Understanding Intergenerational Contacts
A project by Nicoletta Balbo, Francesco Billari and Alessia Melegaro helps understand how to limit the opportunities for contagion and protect weak subjects read
Fertility is likely to decline in the wake of the Covid19 pandemic
A new study from Bocconi University leverages historical social, economic and demographic evidence from natural events and pandemics, as well as the latest techniques in demographic science, to draw the conclusion that postCovid fertility will plausibly decline because of economic uncertainty and increased childcare burdens read
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