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Family Firms Confirmed to Be More Resilient
During the pandemic, family business shares had a performance eight percentage points higher, according to a study by Amore, Quarato and Pelucco read
COVID: The Multifaceted Truth in the Case of Lombardy
A strand of research by Alessia Melegaro aims to reconstruct the early stages of the epidemic and the reasons why it hit the Region so hard read
Women and the Children of the Less Educated Are Bearing the Brunt of the COVID Crisis
Research by Paola Profeta finds that the lockdown and the social distancing measures translated into an additional burden for women in terms of housework. Only the most educated families devote time to their children's homework in times of homeschooling read
COVID 19: Women Are Willing to Respect the Rules and to Pay More for Testing
A Bocconi and UCL survey shows that Italian women, with a higher perception of risk, are willing to pay more for serological tests and swabs and are more inclined to comply with safety measures read
Less than Half the Jobs Are Safe in Case of Outbreak
Tito Boeri and colleagues calculated the share of people that could safely work in absence of personal protection equipment read
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