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Alessia Melegaro's Plan to Better Understand Vaccination Motives
The ERC Grant winning project by the Covid Crisis Lab Director is meant to enhance current epidemiological models by incorporating the dynamics of human behavior, and in particular vaccination decisions read
Young, Temporary, and Low Skill Workers Worst Hit by the Pandemic
Alessandra Casarico, in an analysis of the short term effect of Covid on the Italian labor market, confirms that the most affected are those that were already suffering the consequences of the previous recession. With a glimpse of hope for women read
Human Behavior, Vaccine Hesitancy and the Spread of Viruses: Melegaro awarded a new ERC Grant
Alessia Melegaro was awarded a new ERC Consolidator Grant from the European Research Council for the research project on the relationship between human behavior, vaccine hesitancy and the spread of viruses read
We All Lose When Immigrants Can't Access Health Care. Especially in a Lockdown
During the spring lockdown, undocumented immigrants' access to primary care in Milan halved and their housing conditions deteriorated, making it difficult to comply with Covid public health measures, according to research by Carlo Devillanova in collaboration with the NAGA association read
No Compliance with COVID Measures Without Trust in Health Authorities
Risk communication from the who was well trusted and acted upon during the first wave, but more emphasis on non enforceable hygiene measures and messages tailored to the less compliant are needed now read
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