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The Importance of a Strong National Health Service
Eduardo Missoni and a team of Alumni studied how health systems dealt with the Covid emergency read
The Young Perceive Higher COVID Risk than the Old. And Are More Cautious
A survey of over 1,500 Americans conducted by scholars from Bocconi, Harvard and Oxford shows that young people assess Covid mortality for their age group 10 times higher than it is; old people 10 times lower. And their behavior is consistent with such beliefs read
The Trade off Between Health Measures and Liberal Norms
Catherine De Vries investigates how much we are willing to give up in order to fight the virus read
How to Strike the Right Balance Between Health and the Economy
Julien Sauvagnat and Basile Grassi are investigating the effect of business closures on GDP, firms' market value and Covid lethality read
A Bocconi and Harvard Program Improved Middle School Students Performance and Wellbeing in Lockdown
Eliana La Ferrara and Michela Carlana also raised disadvantaged pupils' aspirations, wellbeing and socioemotional skills through an online tutoring program that could be replicated on a larger scale read
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