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Restarting the Economy While Saving Lives: Italy Under COVID-19
ONLINE TALK. The main question all countries are facing throughout the world is how to restart their economies while saving lives during the pandemic. Researchers Carlo A. Favero, Andrea Ichino and Aldo Rustichini examine these challenges with data from two Italian regions hit hard by COVID-19: Lombardy and Veneto. read
With COVID Labor Market Inequality Has Grown Worldwide
A comparative analysis of the labor market in 12 countries confirms on a global scale the disparities observed by Vincenzo Galasso for Italy read
COVID Makes Us Unequal in the Labor Market
Thanks to two surveys conducted three weeks apart, Vincenzo Galasso notes that the most affected in terms of employment and income are the least educated, blue collar and low income service workers. As time goes by, moreover, the contrast increases read
EU Response to Covid-19: a webinar series
The video of the second webinar on the EU response to Covid-19 is now available. The series, organized by the Department of Legal Studies, aims to look at the EU response from an interdisciplinary perspective. read
Research Integrity: Why We Should Trust Registered Clinical Trials
New research finds reassuring evidence about the integrity of clinical trials registered in, with some concerns only regarding small pharma companies. A paper by Jerome Adda, Christian Decker and Marco Ottaviani read
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