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Commuting Flows, Not the Transport Mode, Help COVID Spread
Two Bocconi Studies indicate that there would have been 2,300 fewer deaths between march and april 2020 if commuter flows in Italian cities were 10% lower. At flow parity, public and private transport are equally dangerous read
Luxury: Seven Steps to Rise Again
Gabrielle Lojacono describes the strategic challenges companies are called to face read
Antitrust and Economic Crisis, a Difficult Balance
Competition policies are less stringent in stimes of crisis, sometimes with dire consequences, according to reseaech by Federico Ghezzi with Laura Zoboli read
The X Factor? Risk Management
The analysis of financial statements during the pandemic shows that, in times of crisis, substance is more important than lip service read
Fifty Shades of Lockdown
Law scholar Elisa Bertolini observes the legislative measures put in place or not by individual governments across the world during the pandemic read
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