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Our mission is to understand the spread of the COVID19 and analyze its numerous implications on the health of populations, health care, society, the economy at large and its financial and legal consequences.

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How a Mortality Threat and Technology Conspire to Make a Museum's Virtual Tour Effective
An experiment by Anastasia Nanni and Aulona Ulqinaku shows that interactive virtual tours can improve people's attitudes towards cultural institutions in times of Covid
How to Return to Work Balancing Public Health and Economic Needs
Carlo Favero adapted a standard epidemiological model to the Italian Covid outbreak and extended it in order to consider the economic effect of the pandemic, along with Andrea Ichino and Aldo Rustichini
Populist Governments Lagged Behind in the Fight on COVID
In a study on 94 countries, Kerim Kavakli shows that populist distrust in expert advice may have caused delays in the implementation of health measures, closures and mobility restrictions. The effect is stronger in rich countries
Research Integrity: Why We Should Trust Registered Clinical Trials
New research finds reassuring evidence about the integrity of clinical trials registered in clinicaltrials.gov, with some concerns only regarding small pharma companies. A paper by Jerome Adda, Christian Decker and Marco Ottaviani