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Our mission is to understand the spread of the COVID19 and analyze its numerous implications on the health of populations, health care, society, the economy at large and its financial and legal consequences.

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Understanding Intergenerational Contacts
A project by Nicoletta Balbo, Francesco Billari and Alessia Melegaro helps understand how to limit the opportunities for contagion and protect weak subjects
Fertility is likely to decline in the wake of the Covid19 pandemic
A new study from Bocconi University leverages historical social, economic and demographic evidence from natural events and pandemics, as well as the latest techniques in demographic science, to draw the conclusion that postCovid fertility will plausibly decline because of economic uncertainty and increased childcare burdens
Working from Home Is for the Most Skilled
A study by Thomas Le Barbanchon found that information, financial activities, and professional and business services, along with agriculture, are the industries with the most hours worked at home
Family Firms Confirmed to Be More Resilient
During the pandemic, family business shares had a performance eight percentage points higher, according to a study by Amore, Quarato and Pelucco